Essay on The Hands On Activity Presentation

Essay on The Hands On Activity Presentation

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Hands-on Activity Presentation
The Hands-on Activity Presentation was an hour and a half demonstration, discussion, and learning opportunity that myself and a group of four other students from the class hosted at a local grade school on, if I remember correctly, March 16th. We hosted this event for obvious reasons, mainly due to the fact that the presentation was worth a large percentage of our grade, and we chose this time as it worked for everyone in the group hosting it, as well as the class who was attending this event. The attendees were a group of grade schoolers, who were required to attend the event, as they were stuck in the classroom by the teacher who was letting us host said event.
The event itself was a demonstration and faux engineering opportunity for the attendees. They were required to work in small groups with the goal of building some sort of device to house and protect an egg from a five foot drop. They had the added difficulties of a budget, limited crafting time, and limited crafting supplies in order to achieve said goal. Furthermore, they had to learn to work together with their group and compromise on the final design of the device.
The building stage was broken down into several stages. We first gave them a general overview, which was immediately ignored by a few students directly after giving them instructions. However, the build proceeded with several minutes of design, followed by an equal amount of time to compromise and draft a final design for their respective devices. Afterwards, they had a limited amount of time to buy materials and build their devices. Finally, if they had time prior to testing their devices, we gave them time to draw and personalize their device with markers, sticke...

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... event seemed to be successful. The students all seemed to have a wonderful time with the event, and it seemed as though several of the students wanted to continue to do events similar to the one that we had presented on. It sparked interest in the students about the engineering field, regardless of their gender, so I would classify that as successful. I would like to do something similar to this “volunteer service” in the future, as it was a wonderful experience to see a bunch of grade schoolers be excited over something that could turn into a career someday.
I wanted to include the roughly forty hours that I spent volunteering for my mission group with my own grade school in this paper; however, I did not get it “pre-approved”, nor was I able to contact any of the higher-ups in order to get proof that I was at any of the events, so I will not include it here.

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