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The Handbook Of Transformative Learning Essay

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Edward W. Tayor and Patrica Cranton 's textbook: The Handbook of Transformative learning, Research and Practice contains an amalgamation of theories that has been amassed by an ecumenical panel of scholar over the years. In Chapter 1, the writers lay out a vast array of theories and reflect on assumptions that are perceived by way of personal experiences and early learned social behavior.
Transformative learning therefore is a fluid process that examines, challenges, questions and later revises perceptions. The process or discovery and evolving revision is the function of transformative learning. The authors also state that the core of transformative learning theory is based on constructivist, humanism and critical social theory.
In contrast and comparison, leading a church is a ever evolving process that requires examination, scrutiny and the unearthing of news methods and techniques contrary to those learning through our life an vocational experiences. So I would say being a pastor or church leader is the epitome of transformative learning. Throughout the Chapter I the authors make reference to Mezirow 's (1991) Transformative Dimensions of Adult Learning and Fostering Critical Reflections in Adulthood (Mezirow and Associates.) These earlier textbooks weighed heavily upon psychotherapy, psychology, sociology and philosophy. It is Mezirow that opines that meaning exists within the individual person rather than in an external form such as a book. And the meaning we develop is crafted and shaped by human interaction and experience.

Just as the author states for a church to develop new thinking and a new approach they have to be taught through interaction and experience. If their experience is not a fav...

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...rds, “The Individual Perspective” believes that if you can change the members of the organization you can change the organization. I am strongly in favor of “The System Perspective” and believe in my context, it could work because it embraces strategies familiar to most like coaching, mentoring and learning teams. A key principle of this model is sharing and examination of points of view in ways that enhance insight, understanding, and a new action.

As adult learners we have only begun to skim the surface about what is known about becoming formative.

As adult learners we have only begun to skim the surface about what is known about becoming formative. Most often the single key to working on transformative learning issues is that the leader must grapple with that which goes unseen and unmentioned in order to develop a thorough transformative learning base.

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