Essay about The Han Dynasty Of China And The Imperial Empire

Essay about The Han Dynasty Of China And The Imperial Empire

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Burbank and Cooper in their book Empires in World History portray the evolution of power and the development of different states. They elaborate on how powerful cities and states imposed their rules and waged conquest on surrounding territories. Political dynasties developed strongly among states inspired by religious, politic and economic trends. The Han dynasty of China and the Imperial Rome were some of the powerful states that developed during the third century. The two states adopted different strategies and ideas in developing of their emperor. The Roman, for instance, developed a more advanced for of governance as opposed to the Han. Their system of governance emerged as an expensive identity around the Mediterranean. These two empires controlled and conquered their territory in unique and different ways that made them strong and remarkable during their heyday.
Dissimilarity in power strategies by the Roman and Qin/Han
The Romans power and administration was structured differently from that of the Han emperor. The Romans power was developed through envisaging of innovation and experimentation. It developed rapidly from conquering their territory through superior weapons and modernized innovation as a form of incitement. On the contrary, the Han Empire used their imperial culture to govern and run their territories. They believed culture was ideal and was emulated by the civilian magistrates and bureaucrats to govern and manage their states (Burbank and Cooper 23-24). Unlike the Roman Empire that developed from a simple state governed collectively by citizens to become a one man imperial rule, the Han Empire was distinguished by a tight alliance between the elites and the imperial family. These two modes of governance rul...

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... their local power. They had the same value of piety, respect and honor within their system of governance that was stressed thoroughly. Trade was a common activity in Rome and China where they could tax their subjects and build trade roads to support their economy. The Roman Empire just like the Hans and Qin activity in commerce was remarkable and even connected by the Silk Road. influence.
All in all, it can be justified that the mode and structure of governance used by the two empires to be unique and different through the aforementioned ways. Their rule marked a different scale of empire development during history. The Hans, for instance, ruled over the vast land in the east of Asia, and the Romans consolidated their power and authority along the Mediterranean regions. These two empires governed their territory differently that enable them to rise to power.

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