The Han Dynasty And The Roman Empire Essay

The Han Dynasty And The Roman Empire Essay

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Throughout time, mankind has progressed in numerous ways through the collaboration of diverse ethnic groups. The Han dynasty as well as the Roman Empire both developed during the classical era, circa 600 B.C.E – 600 C.E. Although, they were both prosperous civilizations, which developed numerous aspects within their society, they possessed distinct outlooks towards technology in general. Individuals within the Han dynasty possessed a positive perspective towards technology, as this was imperative in promoting the prosperity of society as well as making the lives of the common people incorporated in the Han dynasty more leisurely. Rome, however, possessed a negative attitude towards technology, though it did benefit the well-being of their society, the upper-class individuals in Rome disregarded the labor applied in order to construct these aspects. The individuals who possessed a high status only considered the mind to be significant, which caused a separation between diverse classes within society. Therefore, both societies possessed distinct attitudes towards what certain aspects truly enabled their society to develop and prosper.

The Han dynasty possessed an optimistic perspective towards technology within their society as they portray how certain inventions developed throughout time and benefited individuals, as they were able to use it more efficiently. For example Han Tan, a upper-class Han philosopher, states “The pestle and the mortar were cleverly improved in such a way that the while weight of the body could be used, thus increasing the efficiency ten times…Later water power was also applied, and the benefit was increased a hundredfold”. (Document 3). Here, one is able to identify that Tan demonstrates the benefits of...

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...ted were towards upper-class individuals, the government also considered the poor as well, as they considered it to be imperative to manufacture technology in order to make the lives of common people and individuals with low status leisurely. Individuals, particularly, the upper-class within Rome possessed a pessimistic perspective towards technology, as they disregarded the effort applied by the laborers and believed that only ones intelligence was essential towards developing society. Furthermore, individuals with high-status were only concerned about the visual appearance of technology, regardless of being aware of its true purpose, in order to demonstrate that their art and architecture was superior to other foreign regions. Thus, although the Han dynasty and Rome were societies established during a common era, they possessed distinct attitudes towards technology.

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