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Han and Roman Empires Essay

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From the 2nd century BCE through the 1st century CE, both the Han and Roman empires were dealing with the production of advancement in technology. Since the empires were from separate time periods each empire had different attributes when it came to creating technology and what they built with their technology. In the Han Empire, technology had been a luxury part of their empire because it was essential to their wealth and productivity. In the Roman Empire, their thought on technology had been it is a necessity to build their empire and to conquer land wherever they saw weakness. Technologies in both empires were not only used as tools to fight in war and to build but in the Roman Empire they were used to collect mineral wealth in silver mines. As for the Han Empire they had used their technology for tilling soil to collect salt. In the Roman Empire, people had believed that technology was necessary to gain further control and they also thought it was informative for them, while in the Han Empire it had been a way to show off their civilization.
A Han government official felt that technology is such an important part of their empire for its new creations, that it should be maintained by other government officials and engineers. During 20 CE in (Doc 1) the Han government official had said “there should be one high official and one on duty with just enough workers to meet the need”. This clearly shows that as a government official he felt that in the best interest for technology and the people the government should have some control. As well as putting experienced workers to do the task of maintaining their technology and city as an over all to keep a presentable empire. So other empires will start to borrow and use there means o...

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...ked at the use of there technology in different ways. Such as the Roman Empire used their technology to their advantage, by conquering different people to gain more control. As for the Han Empire had used their technology for improvements within there empire and they let other regions use there ideas which showed off there empire. But in some cases both empires had used technology to improve economic growth for trading, like roads or the water power blowing engine. Both of the empires have had different emperors that have ruled. During each empire they both were able to gain control and pass on tools to other regions. The Roman’s thought more of the tools as weapons and building supplies. As for the Han believed the tools to be a creation that had been invented by a person with a sharp mind, and the tools were a luxury for the empire because it made work easier.

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