Essay on The Hammurabi Code And Mosaic Law

Essay on The Hammurabi Code And Mosaic Law

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The Hammurabi Code and Mosaic Law were used to lead their people during two different era. They were similarities and differences, between the two. For example, they were both discovered by their leaders in similar ways, but differed in their approach to justice and morality. Hammurabi Code respects women, but has distinct social class and penalties based on the class you belonged to, while the Mosaic Law had no distinction between people and gave everybody even fairness.
Both the Hammurabi Code and the Mosaic Law were received by their peoples in similar ways. The Hammurabi Code was written by the Babylonian king, Hammurabi. He received these codes through divine intervention. He was given these codes by the sun god, Shamas atop a mountain. Mosaic Law was written by the God of the Hebrews. They received this law when Moses, the leader of the Jewish nation, was led up Mt. Sinai by Yahweh, the God of the Hebrews.
The two laws have some basic similarities such as, an eye for an eye, the punishment of death for adultery, fundamental respect for women, and reality that stealing is wrong. The initial ideas and groundwork for laws are the same, but the outcomes and consequences are immensely different, on what will happen, how will it happen, and who will it happen to?
While both codes helped to govern the people they differed in their approach. The Hammurabi Code informed the people of what not to do, and the consequences of their actions. For example the Hammurabi Code number 3 states, If a man, in a case (before the court), offer testimony concerning deeds of violence, and do not establish the testimony that he has given if that case be a case involving life, that man shall be put to death. This gives the action and the consequence f...

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...e to hijack a kid, he might have the capacity to argue his case and not get as cruel of a discipline that the law states. Today 's progress and natives would be significantly more decent than it is currently because of how unforgiving and clear Hammurabi 's Code was. Hammurabi had clear disciplines and in many cases, installments for infringed upon law. One case of this is, "If a patrician has stolen bull, sheep, ass, pig, or sheep, whether from a sanctuary, or a house, he might pay thirty fold. In the event that he be a plebeian, he should return tenfold. On the off chance that the criminal can 't pay, he might be killed" (8). In the event that this law were to be executed into today 's development, in spite of the fact that this may appear to be brutal in this day and age a few people wouldn 't survive in light of the fact that no one would have endured this law.

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