Essay Hamlet’s Indecisive Nature

Essay Hamlet’s Indecisive Nature

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The matrix theory is a question that illustrates the personal aspect of decision. The philosophy offers no choice, but revolves around a decision of bliss or truth (Diocaretz 9). Such an aspect is depicted in William Shakespeare’s textbook tragedy, Hamlet. The protagonist has to make a similar decision between his moral belief and obligation, however he falls into an uncertain state of mind and hesitates to act. After meeting with a ghost, who tells him to seek revenge against his uncle Claudius, Hamlet is determined to take action. Conversely he has a compulsion to moral law, which yields him to lack firmness. Critiques commonly label Hamlet as a man of contemplation rather than action. Consequently his periods of inactivity, tentative emotions, and constant hesitation characterize Hamlet as indecisive.
In between periods of vague action Hamlet’s road to revenge takes several detours. After the ghost of his father, who is an act of God and the devil, commands Hamlet to avenge him, Hamlet agrees and says, “Haste me to know't, that I, with wings as swift/ As meditation or the thoughts of love, / May sweep to my revenge (I, v, 29-31).” Hamlet promises his fathers spirit that he will swiftly avenge his death, and although he acts quickly to authenticate the spirits allegations, there is a delay of weeks before he a acts again. Moreover, Hamlet recklessly and unknowingly kills Polonius in Act 3, Scene 4; a period of inactivity follows on his part. After which the ghost returns to refresh Hamlet’s memory, “Do not forget. This visitation / Is but to whet thy almost blunted purpose (III, iv, 111-112).” Delays in action as well as the appearance of the spirit a second time support the fact that Hamlet is less then swiftly avenging his fa...

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...tion he hesitates because he is not sure whether killing the king is the right thing to do (Sheridan Thomas).” Hamlet’s hesitative nature and uncertainty about killing Claudius support that fact the he lacks decisiveness.
Therefore, Hamlet struggles to choose between what he believes is right and his responsibilities as a prince. Moreover he has trouble making decisions in regards to his feelings, mainly love. His delays, uncertain feelings and vacillation show support of his indecisive nature. Hamlet, although determined to act, becomes uncertain and puzzled until the opportunity is lost. Thus he is not a man of action but rather of contemplation. As a smart teacher once said, “If Hamlet was a newfie the play would be over in five seconds (Mr. Stamp).” Hence, can one assume that it is Hamlet’s indecisiveness that makes the William Shakespeare’s tragedy so great?

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