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In the play, Hamlet, Shakespeare leaves you wondering about death. Through the characters in the play, he reveals his own thoughts about death. Does Shakespeare portray a deep understanding of death in this play? The never-ending cycle of death and revenge is evident throughout the entire play.
The play opens up with death already at the door. Hamlet is left with not only a deceased father and no clue as to what ended his life, but must also deal with his uncle taking the throne in his place. His father, in the after-life figure of a ghost, speaks to Hamlet. Informing him of his death and, in turn, setting about the first thoughts of revenge. ”Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder” (I.v.25). As with every character in the play, Old Hamlet’s life was taken for one person’s selfishness or greed. His life was taken by the hands of his own brother for the power of being King.
In order to ensure that his uncle was indeed the man who took his father’s life, Hamlet looked upon his reaction in a play that re-enacted the method in which he took his life. Sure enough as soon as the deadly liquid was poured into the actor’s ear, the face of guilt overcame King Claudius. Hamlet became enraged and filled within his heart, vengeance and hatred. Hamlet’s quest for revenge would be the reaction that will set about the deaths of it’s unsuspecting victims.
Hamlet’s death is assured from his own obsession with death in the early part of the play. It seems as though Hamlet has gone mad and no longer values life, not even his own. His madness stems from Old Hamlet’s ghost exacting revenge; finding out his uncle murdered his father, and his mother’s cluelessness. All of these things combine to turn Hamlet into a heartless killer. One of h...

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...of the play. Her lover and her brother have a dual to the death in which both of their lives are taken. If she had not already thought about suicide before, then she certainly would be thinking of it after that. I’m sure that during the time that she was drowning in the brook she had not fought to survive. After all, even if she had not planned it, it was a way for her to escape all of the troubles that were occurring within her life.
Shakespeare paints a vivid picture of the deaths that are carried out in the book with his use of words and description of life and the afterlife. The death of each individual holds a certain meaning, for each death sets about a reaction. It just goes to show that revenge and greed is never the answer and a heart filled with such will be the death of one self. No one in the book dies without a purpose or without an elaborate reason.

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