Essay on Hamlet : The Best Of Shakespeare 's Plays

Essay on Hamlet : The Best Of Shakespeare 's Plays

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Hamlet is one of the best of Shakespeare’s plays. The ability to compose speeches and
dialogues that make this effects is one of Shakespeare’s most noteworthy achievement. Hamlet
has mesmerize audiences and readers for hundreds of years. Like most of the standard
Shakespearean plays, Ophelia may be a feminine character, who is torn between family tie and
private love. Unaware of all the dirty schemes and deceits occurring behind her back, innocent
Ophelia is flat out taken advantage of by two people she really loves the foremost in the world: Polonius, her father, and Hamlet, her lover. Ophelia is infatuated with Hamlet, however like such a big amount of ladies, she is at the gesture and decision of her family initial and foremost. Ophelia is not stupid, she is just strong enough to make her own decisions. She does not grasp what she needs, therefore she lets people decide for her, particularly her father and brother. Hamlet 's love letters are at odds against with her father 's desires, and, as a result she is not ready to her individual thoughts and opinions, she becomes confused on what she needs (Evans). Ophelia 's weakness of mind and will, forces her to obey the rules of her father and therefore destroys her hope for Hamlet 's love, finally leads to her
Mental illness and ultimate death.
One of the primary reasons why Ophelia is so effectively impressed by Hamlet might be
because of the absence of a mother figure. The vast majority of the other developing women
figure out how to manage feeling, relationship and men essentially from their mother. Ophelia,
on alternate hands, does not get the opportunity to experience this same childhood, however
rather having two controlling and overprotective men always at her gatekeeper (Ev...

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... has overheard Polonius trying to use
his daughter 's charms to suit his sneaky purposes. In Hamlet 's upset mind: Polonius prostitutes
his daughter. And Hamlet tells Polonius so to his face, labeling him a "fishmonger".
It is Ophelia, not Hamlet, who most commands our sympathy. One of planned future 's
deaths, she 's swept along by political events just as she is carried by the river at her death. .At her
first appearance we see an innocent, trusting, and energetic young girl, but by her last scene she is contaminated, mad, and knowing. Whatever she might have become has been ruined. Insane,
Ophelia at last speaks the truth, although no one understands her, and Shakespeare gives her one
of the most confusing lines in the play: "Lord, we know what we are, but do not know what we
may be." Ophelia goes mad because she discovers what others "may be."(English text Book).

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