Hamlet 's Scene With The Play Essay

Hamlet 's Scene With The Play Essay

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Gaby Mosseri
Ms. Cohen
Hamlet Essay- scene with the play

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is filled with many schemes and situations that are a challenge to interpret. The play centers around Hamlet, whose uncle murdered his father and married his mother. Certainly no one could blame Hamlet for appearing a little bit crazy after having to deal with that type of trauma. There are several times during Hamlet when Prince Hamlet appears to be crazy. What makes assessing the prince’s mental state more challenging is the fact that Prince Hamlet sets up a play within the play to expose his uncle for killing his father. Hundreds of years after Shakespeare first wrote Hamlet in 1603, scholars still disagree over whether Prince Hamlet is actually insane or merely pretending to be. The play within the play represents a unique feature of Hamlet and it serves to highlight perhaps the central issue of the play. As Hamlet says “Though this be madness, yet there is method in ‘t” (Act II Scene II) thus showing that Hamlet is indeed acting like a lunatic purposely. The challenge for scholars is to determine when the madness results from a method and when it results from mere madness.
Hamlet exhibits odd behavior in areas that don’t have to do with the play designed to entrap Claudius. Hamlet begins to pursue a romance with Ophelia, a woman from the lower class. Ophelia’s father, Polonius, does not believe that Hamlet actually loves his daughter and is not supportive of their being together. Polonius is convinced Hamlet only desires his daughter in a physical way. Hamlet behaves in a way in which one might question his sanity. One day he declares his love for Ophelia and the next he’s telling everyone how he doesn’t desire her at all. But ...

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...razy in order to make herself feel better. She may feel like a terrible person for marrying Claudius if this was true and so she does not want to believe it. Although Gertrude does not show much grief when she heard about Hamlet’s opinion on Claudius it may be because she is having a hard time accepting it.
Throughout the book there is a reoccurring theme of characters that are perceived as insane. Hamlet was acting crazy in order to get information out of people. Most people do not mind spilling secrets to someone who is seen as crazy because no one will believe anything they say anyways. Ophelia becomes crazy because of the death of her father. The fact that Hamlet contributed to her father 's murder must have caused her to go insane. Claudius can be seen as crazy for killing his brother just to marry Gertrude or even to get his kingship and have power.

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