Essay about Hamlet 's Role As The Avenger

Essay about Hamlet 's Role As The Avenger

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Hamlet was born a Prince to the King of Denmark; whose world came crashing down due to a truly tragic event. Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius, had killed his father King Hamlet to become King of Denmark and marry his mother Gertrude. Hamlet is left dealing with the anxiety of having to avenge his father’s death in the wake of a visit from a ghostly figure that resembles his late father. The play follows Hamlet on his journey to make amends by killing his murderous uncle in his father’s name. The tragedy in Hamlet is that in the end everyone is dead, including Hamlet himself. William Shakespeare gave Hamlet the task of learning how to become a completely different man, one that in the end would commit murder. How well did Hamlet play his role as the avenger? Hamlet braved through an uncertain future and accomplished his task. Looking at his performance between the beginning and the end; Hamlet had trouble being able to take any decisive action. He had known his task, but was not well equipped to accomplish such a feat. Hamlet performed his role as Avenger the only way he knew how, with reluctance. Hamlet did not know how to commit murder, for he was not a soldier. He was thrust into the position by a ghostly figure which claimed to be his deceased father. He was simply not prepared for the trials and tribulations he faced. Hamlet had to suffer through the play with the knowledge that his father was murdered, while maintaining a charade that destroyed his world. Hamlet has to deal with the realities of a life that continued, regardless of his predicament. In the end, to say Hamlet was a coward would be like saying a man who does not know how to swim is a coward for not jumping into a lake. Hamlet navigated the murky waters of revenge, howev...

... middle of paper ... obvious that he has more resolve then originally thought. He was forced to deal with numerous obstacles. He came to converse with paranormal being, that demanded he take action against the supposed killer of his kin. He sacrificed the love he felt for Ophelia and drove her into an early grave. Two friends he grew up with fall victim to his revenge. Hamlet sacrificed his own life in the name of honor. Hamlet is relatable to a normal person because of how he handled his entire quest for revenge. He took the whole situation in stride just like one would expect from the protagonist in any story. He is a perfect example of what becomes of a man when he is asked to ignore his own beliefs and morals. He rose to the occasion and against all odds he honored his father’s wishes. Hamlet fulfilled his role as the avenger in the story, even though he may not have wanted to.

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