Hamlet 's Love Is Forever Essay

Hamlet 's Love Is Forever Essay

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“Love is forever”
In the play Hamlet the main character named Hamlet is in pursuit of a personal vendetta of getting revenge on the person who killed his father. The reader can notice this when Hamlet’s father appears to him as a ghost later in the play. This personal vendetta is fueled by his hatred for King Claudius who is the murderer of Hamlet’s father. While trying to satisfy this thirst for revenge Hamlet comes to the conclusion that he needs to push Ophelia, who is the women he claims to love. Others might argue that Hamlet never really loved Ophelia; however this is not the case because of clear evidence in the play suggests that he is being thoughtful by thinking to protect her. Attempting to keep Ophelia safe Hamlet’s plan causes an unexpected series of events to be set in motion. Hamlet’s love for Ophelia was in fact a sincere love; however, due to a series of events that took place in Hamlets life causes distance between him and Ophelia. These events eventually aid in the death of Ophelia.
Polonius does not trust Hamlet and thinks he is unfit to be with her. Throughout the play Ophelia is being informed by her father Polonius and her brother Laertes that Hamlet is bad news. At this point Ophelia is being told what to do in her own relationships instead of her thinking for herself and making a decision. For example Polonius says “Do not believe his vows; for they are broken” (Ham 1.3.127). Here the reader can see that Polonius does not trust Hamlet with his daughter at all because he believes Hamlet has twisted intentions. However Polonius is not the only one that is afraid that Hamlet has bad intentions. Laertes feels the same way as his father Polonius and this is evident when he says “the virtue of his will: but you ...

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... from Hamlet. Polonius believes that the cause for Hamlets insanity lies with Ophelia rejecting him. Although Polonius has every right to believe that Hamlet is going insane because he cannot have Ophelia the reader can notice that he is clearly wrong. If Hamlet did not truly love her than he wouldn’t have gone mad. After the death of Ophelia’s father is when she truly gets pushed past the brink of insanity. Everything leading up to her decision of suicide has slowly been caused by Hamlet. Even though Hamlet thought his actions were respectable and just they ended up being the total opposite. Irony can be seen throughout the play; for example, all Hamlet wanted to do was protect the women he loved from his plan against King Claudius, but instead his actions did more harm than anything. Hamlet’s efforts to protect Ophelia only caused her insanity and then her death.

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