Hamlet 's Diversity By Hamlet Essay

Hamlet 's Diversity By Hamlet Essay

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Hamlet’s Diversity Explained
The unfortunate series of events in Hamlet’s life affected his personality directly. Hamlet has to go through his father’s death, the King at the time (University of Schmoop, 2011). Then, almost a month later, he goes through another traumatic event. Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, has now begun a relationship planning to marry no other than, Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius (2011). At this point obviously Hamlet is going to begin to question, did his mother have his father killed on purpose? Did Hamlet’s uncle plot the early death of his father? Questions like these would lead just about anyone to a life of misery and doubt. "That it should come to this!" a quote from Hamlet in act one scene two of the play is a tremendous example of Hamlet’s disarray towards his uncle, Gertrude, and their relationship (Shakespeare, 2014). To make matters worse, Hamlet’s uncle is telling Hamlet to get over the loss of his father, it is not important. What he may not have been aware of is that Hamlet was being visited by his father’s ghost (2011). If his father’s death was not enough, now he has to experience his after-life father. Could any person be normal and calm after being visited by a relative’s ghost? Next Hamlet falls to love just as every male does, as Ophelia steals his heart (University of Shmoop, 2011). Sure, he goes crazy and yells at her a lot, maybe even attacks her. But in a sense it is all out of love. If he was acting normally, not dealing with the loss of his father, and not feeling extreme love towards another he clearly would have been kind and caring to Ophelia on a regular basis. Hamlet seems in the story to never get revenge. When he has the chance to kill his enemies, he backs off (2011). Is he crazy? Some...

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...ove, this is why we see the, I love you, then no I hate you, no I love you. He fears to love like he once did, leading him to be split over Ophelia. Kids today always face future love problems when facing a traumatic event such as a divorce of parents, seeing violence, or being raped. Hamlet felt the same misunderstanding in his mind, which is quite understandable. While this is all true one part of the story makes me realize how truly keen Hamlet really was. Hamlet himself and many of his close “friends” at some point each claim that he is smart. Now sure they may just be confusing his weirdness for smarts when something goes his way. I thought this way until seeing how he dealt with King Claudius. Every time he sees the man he hates, he acts weird just to save his life. Hamlet is not an idiot, he is keen, but has experienced tragedies in his life that made him mad.

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