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Essay about Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark

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Hamlet, Prince of Denmark is a dramatic play, written by author William Shakespeare in the period between 1599 and 1601. The play has three acts and it is packed full of drama, betrayal, incest, revenge and demise. It is well written, and it best presented in live stage form. In the early 1600’s, elaborate theaters and stages were built for stories like Hamlet to unfold upon, and the audiences were not disappointed. Many writers wrote dramatic plays during this era, but Hamlet was different. Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a complicated, twisted story of some of the worst things that can happen and how those behaviors lead to difficulty in relationships, love and life.
William Shakespeare takes the most awful things that could happen to an individual, elaborates on them and creates the life that surrounds the lead character, Hamlet, who was the Prince of Denmark in the play. He brings to light the battle that raged inside of Hamlet. He was a man who wanted to be good and upstanding, yet his rage inside fueled his need to seek revenge. From the beginning the play casts a dark and uncertain tone, with the ghost of the King, Hamlet’s father, haunting Hamlet as well as his guards and friends. The audience is unsettled from the start, almost feeling as if they should keep looking over their shoulder. But then, Shakespeare takes a dramatic turn in the following scene, showing his audience the wedding scene of Hamlet’s mother, full of happiness, brightness and celebration. In stark contrast, Hamlet’s character is the only darkness on the stage, dressed in black because he is still mourning the death of his father, and is not happy that his mother is getting married after only two months, to his uncle. The new king tries to help Hamlet a...

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...twist of fate yet, Hamlet declares a new king, and then he dies as well. The plotting, planning and madness surrounding the entire existence of Hamlet has led to the ultimate death of everyone, including him.
Shakespeare uses a play within a play to tell a dramatic story. Everything horrible that could possibly happen to Hamlet does. Ironic, drama filled situations play out over and over. His madness overtakes his reasonable, once honorable character. And ultimately, there is nothing but death. He avenges his father, but only at ultimate loss of his lover, his mother, his friend, his uncle and in the end, himself. And the audience is left with the question of “why?” Hamlet became a wildly popular play, and one of the most well-known works of William Shakespeare, because he took a bold, dramatic approach to his story telling that was not widely found in the 1600’s.

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