Hamlet Is No Doubt A Complex Play Essay

Hamlet Is No Doubt A Complex Play Essay

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Considered to be one of the most famous playwrights written in the history of English literature, Hamlet is no doubt a complex play and far from being easy to decipher. The protagonist finds himself entangled within a slew of different predicaments ranging from love, incest, death, murder, and even touches upon the spiritual world when his father’s apparition presents himself with the task of avenging his death. How he goes about handling all of these difficulties has been a debate for decades and continues to baffle even the greatest minds today. However, in order for Hamlet to uncover the truth and fulfill the task he is given, he must put on an act of madness in which the other characters mistake him to have truly lost his mind. While he displays symptoms of a madman, his erratic behavior is caused by the sole purpose of concealment to carryout the task at hand, or as Polonius puts it, “Though this be madness, yet there is method in ’t.” (II, ii, 207-08)
In order for Hamlet to uncover the truth, he must first determine if the ghost is credible and trustworthy, and then act accordingly. When first confronted with the ghost that has taken the form of his father, he questions whether he can trust his senses and the ghost stating the possibility it may be the devil in disguise trying to fool him as he says: “May be the devil, and the devil hath power T ' assume a pleasing shape” (II, ii, 611-12). In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, Plato makes the same argument that what perceive is not always what it seems, and can in fact be an illusion created by our senses, tricking our minds and our sense of perceptions. To overcome this he says we must “unshackle” ourselves, become philosophers, and seek the truth and reality beyond our caves...

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...e is sane, calm, rational, and in complete control of his behavior. His word exchanges with Horatio are not from a madman, but rather an individual who is quite sane as there is coherency in his words and logic to his thought, which is demonstrated in Act 3, Scene 2 (50-78).
Although Hamlet appears to have slipped past reality into the realms of insanity, he is quite sane throughout the play. Instead, by examining the inner workings of his unconscious, he has become overloaded with various emotions. Influences of his behavior stems from his anger and jealousy towards Claudius; resentment towards Gertrude; and distrust towards Polonius and Ophelia in addition to the given task of avenging his father, has caused him to be overwhelmed, hardly mad. But, to complete his plan of vengeance, he must feign madness and put on an act of antic disposition.

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