Hamlet Essay : Hamlet Assignment- Branagh Film Version

Hamlet Essay : Hamlet Assignment- Branagh Film Version

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Hamlet Assignment- Branagh Film Version

1. In this specific version of Hamlet there are various characters that demonstrate an exaggerative and dramatic persona; Brain Blessed chose to interpret the role of the ghost in the traditional eerie, spooky, and mysterious manner. He does this by being portrayed as a reoccurring pale figure that is only visible to certain people (the traditional characteristics for a ghost). Also he does this by deepening his voice to sound more frightening. In my opinion, I do not think that the performance of the apparition was believable in any scenes in which it appeared simply because I do not think that something that does not exist in reality can be displayed realistically. Moreover and in contrast, I believe that the actor that played Hamlet interpreted the role differently at different times. He exuded different emotions at different moments in the play that coincide to the events occurring at that time. To explain, at Ophelia’s funeral (act V, scene I) the actor successfully expressed that Hamlet had a deep love for Ophelia. This performance is made believable though his tone of voice as he is loudly exclaiming his love for Ophelia and through his actions while he is being held back by two other men so he will not continue to fight with Laertes. Another example of how the actors interpreted their roles is when Ophelia gave Hamlet their love letters back. That scene demonstrates that Kate Winslet( Ophelia) interpreted the role of Ophelia as a realistic and typical girlfriend. Her interpretation of the role changes when Polonius is murdered by Hamlet, then she interprets the role of Ophelia as a mentally ill grief stricken and heart-broken women. I believe that her performance as such was believa...

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...ot to love her before in previous scenes to properly execute his plan of acting crazy to distract from his intentions to murder Claudius. Politically speaking the unrest between Denmark and Norway is shown in the first scene of the first act Horatio reveals that King Hamlet had killed the king of Norway and claimed land since he was victorious. Also he reveals that his son desires to reclaim the land and is making an army to do so. Furthermore, the end of the play in the Branagh version captures this strand when Fortinbras sits on the thrown and pronounces himself King. Last the strand of spiritual experience is captured in the play when Hamlet questions whether the apparition he saw was truly his father or the devil and so he devises a solution to this problem by putting on a play mimicking his father’s death and he waits to see if guilt appears on Claudius’ face.

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