Hamlet: Annotated Biblography

Hamlet: Annotated Biblography

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Bloom, Harold. William Shakespeare's Hamlet. New York.Chelsea House Publishing, 1996. EBooks Collection (EBSCOHost). Web. 16 Apr. 2014.
Harold Bloom interpets Hamlet as the most experimental play ever written. He dsmissed the notion of Hamlet, goaded by his father's ghost and motivated by the revenge to kill his Uncle Claudius. His Uncle was acended to the throne and married the Queen, Gertrude.(Hamlet's mother). Bloom also claims that something in Hamlet dies at the beginning of the play due to his mother' incestive decisons with this marraige.
This book research will be best used in the body of the esssay to show how Hamlet's revenge towards his Uncle and Mother are related due to the incest that was committed during the marriage after his father's death.
Cardullo, Robert. "The Delay Of Polonius In Shakespeare's Hamlet." Studia Neophilologica 84.1 (2012): 26-32. Academic Search Premier. Web. 14 Apr. 2014.The essay by Robert Cardullo primarily offers suggestions on why Hamlet delayed his killing of Polonius. Hamlet delays killing Polonius at the perfect time. Hamlet delayed killing Polonius, who was the Lord Chamberlain and father of Ophelia and Laertes.
This article will be used in the body of the essay referencing to the delay of killing Polonius as well. It compares to the same delay as killing Claudius.
Friedman, Alan Warren. "Hamlet The Unready." Modern Language Quarterly 37.1 (1976): 15. Academic Search Premier. Web. 15 Apr. 2014.
According this this article, Friedman talks about the plot of the play, Hamlet,Prince of Denmark. It goes into the roles that young Prince Hamlet has in each scence and act throughout the play. As the title states, Hamlet was really unready to carry out many duties that were placed upon him by the Ghost of his late father. He was also not ready to face the fact that his Uncle marries his mother and killed his father. The article states that Hamlet delays his killing of his Uncle due to not being ready at any given time. As Hamlet faced these roles, he was forced to do what was commanded of him.
This artlice research will be used in the body of essay where Hamlet has decided to carry out the command of The Ghost at the time when it become right.
Goldstein, Philip. "Hamlet: Not A World Of His Own." Shakespeare Studies 13.(1980): 71. Academic Search Premier. Web. 13 Apr. 2014.
In this journal, Goldstein discusses the aspects of the hestation of the protagonist in the play.

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He interprets Hamlet inability to take action and how Hamlet develops a power of human reasoning. Hamlet does see that humans are humans and fears the revenge against his uncle. It depicts how Hamlet is often felt alone, however, he is indeed not in a world all by himself. His gentle side come out in the action of revenge.
This journal would best be used in the body of the essay to develop why his sense of human reasoning helped to delay the kill of his Uncle Claudius.
Kaslan, David Scott. Sembleeble His Mirror-Hamlet.Shakespeare's Studies.19 (Jan 1987).111. Web (Online). Apr.21 2014.
This source discusses the theme of revenge. It gives reasons to why the character of Hamlet is never quiet the type to seek revenge from the beginning. Hamlet or the Ghost never seemed to really see themselves as the revenger type that they would have liked to have been or become. It was a very hard thing to carry out. It provides the fact of delay to be proven as difficult as it seemed for Hamlet.
The web source listed above will be used in the conclusion part of the essay.
Lenard, John. William Shakespeare: Hamlet. Penrith: Humanities- EBooks, 2007. Ebook Collection (EBSCOHost). Web 28 Apr. 2014.
This book provides humanities insights on William Shakespeare. It introduces students to the world of Shakespeare and his theatre in Hamlet. Beginning with the approach to Shakespeare as a uttely man of theatre or a playwright, it ends with the acts abd devices he used in writing Hamlet. It discussed the surprisingly bleak revenge comedy protrayed in Hamlet. However, there was much criticism that came from Shakespeare to many.
This book will be used in the beginning body of the essay as to who the playwright was himself and how Hamlet can to be.

Mabillard, Amanda."Introduction to Claudius (Hamlet)." Shakespeare Online. (August 20, 2000.) 16 Apr.2014.
In this internet source, Mabillard discusses the true character that Claudius is depited as in the play. Mabillard claims that Claudius is somewhat like a villian and has a pure consciences, which makes him seek the temptations that every man seeks in a woman. He doesnt seem to care that Gertrude is his late brother's wife. However, she sees that Claudius does have a very sensitive, caring and gentle side to others.
This research will be used in the introduction of the essay introducing the true characters.
Marsden, John and William Shakespeare. Hamlet: A Novel. Sommerville, MA: Candlework Publishing, 2009. Print, 20 Apr 2014.
Marsden wrote this book in order to retell Hamlet. He tends to be faithful to the plot and themes of the original play itself. He reaises the questions of : Should Hamlet actually kill King Claudius? Is the Ghost actually telling the truth? Is it right to seek justice through revenge? etc. Marsdent then explres a wider inmplication of the original text pursuing on the painful isolation of Hamlet as a teenager.
This book source will be used in the introduction of the essay raising the questions of why Hamlet decides to seek such revenge.
Scodel, Joshua. "Finding Freedom In "Hamlet.." Modern Language Quarterly 72.2 (2011): 163-200. Academic Search Premier. Web. 15 Apr. 2014.
This essay discusses how Nigel Smith Study, "Is Milton Better than Shakespeare', argues that Hamlet, the protagonist of the play, is now forced to become limited. There is a discussion on how the Ghost commands that his seek revenge and kill Claudius. Hamlet is forced to the desicion of waiting on the right time to killl Claudius. In this essay, Hamlet could kill him after he achieves his sense of inner freedom. The essay encourages that Hamlet makes a bold desicion in when, where and how he plans to kill Claudius.
This source will be used in the body of the essay discussing the appearance of late King Hamlet appearing as The Ghost to avenge Claudius.

Wilson, John Dover. What Happens In Hamlet. Cambridge University Press, 1951. Print. 21 Apr 2014.
John Wilson wrote this book as a classic of Shakespeare's criticism. It tell of the events that happens in Hamlet. Pulling out the event where Hamlet decides that the time has come for everyone to die is attention catching. Hamlet suggest that drinks from a poisoned cup played an important part of the death of his mother. Shakespeare critized Hamlet as a villian himself as he seeks revenge from tradegy.
This source will be used in the conclusion of the essay, reinterating how the events that happens in Hamlet lead to the death of Claudius, Gertrude and Hamlet himself.

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