Hamilton 's First Military And Political Aspirations Flowered With A Series Of Remarkable Accomplishments

Hamilton 's First Military And Political Aspirations Flowered With A Series Of Remarkable Accomplishments

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Hamilton 's early military and political aspirations flowered with a series of remarkable accomplishments. On March 14, 1776, just two years after his first public speech regarding the war, he was commissioned captain of a company of artillery set up by the New York Providential Congress. Hamilton 's first military conflict would be the Battle of Long Island in August of that same year. That would not be his only battle; he also took part in the Battle of White Plains and the Battle of Trenton. Alexander’s military success was winning the interest of a General named Nathaniel Greene and an officer named Henry Knox, the latter would go on to be the first Secretary of War. Both these people offered Hamilton a position as their personal advisor, but he declined both. However, later that year as the American forces were retreating across New Jersey, one officer saw “a youth, a mere stripling, small, slender, almost delicate in frame, marching beside a piece of artillery with a cocked hat pulled down over his eyes, apparently lost in thought, with his hand resting on the cannon and every now and then patting it as he mused, as if it were a favorite horse or a pet plaything.”(Brookhiser 89) On January 3, 1777, General Greene introduced the young Captain to General George Washington who also wanted the assistance of Alexander. Unlike the others, this offer came with the title of Lieutenant Colonel. Hamilton accepted and became not just Washington’s personal secretary, but his ‘Aides de camp’. Aides de camps are essentially confidants who also act out various duties and tasks; sort of a right hand man. Hamilton did many important and influential things under Washington such as handling letters to Congress and high ranking officials, draft...

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...e entire United States. He established the first ever National Bank and published a report on it that involved a genius, albeit complex plan that had the U.S. government itself taking loans just to fund the bank’s construction. It was a hit with the senate and passed practically unanimously, despite a few critics, maintaining Hamilton’s respect and influence. Even while maintaining a position like his, Hamilton got elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1791. He also established the U.S. Mint with a bit of help from those European economics he learned during the Revolutionary War. Hamilton also helped out with some smaller political projects during this time, such as the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 which ended before it started, many debates regarding industry manufacturing, and was even indirectly involved in the creation of the Coast Guard.

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