Hamas 's Useful Idiots : Summary Essay

Hamas 's Useful Idiots : Summary Essay

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Continetti, Matthew. “Hamas’s Useful Idiots.” Commentary 138.2 (2014): 80-79. Academic Search Complete. Web. 29 July 2016.
1) Continetti’s article was published in September of 2014. His article discusses Hamas’s control over their media coverage, which is still a current issue today. The reason why there is so much coverage over the IDF attacking Palestinians, but scarce broadcastings when Hamas attacks Israel, is simply because Hamas will not allow it.
2) Matthew Continetti currently works as the editor in chief of the Washington Free Beacon. Prior to this, he was the opinion editor of the Weekly Standard. Continetti still holds a position at the weekly standard as contributing editor.
3) Continetti describes the image of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that is being portrayed to the world. The media outlets are constantly producing accounts of Israelis attacking Palestinian civilians, and all the publicized pictures of Gaza contain suffering Palestinians. Continetti explains that the reasoning behind this is Hamas controls the flow of information going in and out of its territory. The media is presenting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without the correct context. Hamas was designated a terrorist group in 1997, and Israel is expected to treat them as equals. Continetti makes an excellent comparison, stating that if Israel must treat Hamas as equals, than certainly the United States must treat Iraq as an equal.
Continetti’s article thoroughly explains how the media allows the world to view Israel and Hamas as equals, while forgetting that Hamas is an actual terrorist group, whose goal is not peace, rather Hamas aims to annihilate the Jewish people.
Gross, Tom. “Dead Jews Aren’t News.” Spectator 22 Oct. 2005: 20. Academic OneF...

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... realistic goal, what makes a report objective, and illustrates the standards of ethical journalism. I found this area of his article to be helpful, because he is not baselessly attacking the media for producing dishonest reports against Israel. Rather, Lasson explains what ethical journalism is supposed to be, and how the media has not been following the aforementioned guidelines when reporting about Israel.
Lasson moves on to discuss the three main ways in which the media is biased when reporting events in Israel. When examining these three main categories of biased media, Lasson includes several factual examples of when the media acted biased towards Israel. Providing these examples, again, show that Lasson is not creating false accusation. The examples provided actually took place, and Lasson demonstrates how the media did not properly respond to these events.

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