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The Hall Of Planet Earth Essay

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My friend and I went to the AMNH on Saturday and we saw all the exhibits. We went to the Hall of Biodiversity first, and then Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth, the Heilbrunn Cosmic Pathway, Cullman Hall of the Universe, lastly is the Spitzer Hall of Human Origins. It took us three hours to visit all the exhibits.
The first thing we saw was a giant clam and on the wall was the name Hall of Biodiversity. There were aquatic animals hanging on the ceiling from sharks to stingrays. I could barely see the aquatic animals because there was not a lot of lighting. I could only see the lower part of their bodies. The eyes, nose, and their upper bodies were barely there. If only they added more lighting the aquatic animals on the ceiling would be more noticeable. On the right were terrestrial animals. Now, the animals on right wall were more noticeable. They put a lot of terrestrial animals like kangaroos and monkeys. There were butterflies, insects, and spiders. On the left side was a huge glass box with a tiger inside. Also, on the ceiling not too far from the box was a jellyfish. We thought that it was a coral reef but when we looked closer, it was a giant white jellyfish. Then we turn left and saw a rainforest. It was dark so I barely could see anything. I could not even see the top of the trees. Because it was dark, the informational displays were a little hard to read. But I like how some of them had moving images and videos about the forest.
I found the Spectrum of Life more interesting than others. Not because of the lighting but because of all the animals from different species displayed together. They looked like a science project but bigger and more realistic. The Hall of Biodiversity did not indicate whether it was experimental ...

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...other people were facing right now. For example, I saw a video about the health of African kids who had tapeworms in their bodies. I honestly did not remember what was the idea behind it but I liked how the exhibit included today’s human beings.
After seeing the exhibits, I felt like the museum was lacking in terms of showing a Christian view of the world. The halls only showed evidence and information about how a phenomenon or a moment worked. The evidences left impressions on the viewers that the origins of the universe, life, and humankind were formed some way some how by itself. The strength of these naturalistic explanations was they had evidence, data, and examples to show. What the museum lacked was explanation of a Christian worldview. What was unsatisfying for me was they did not include the beginning of all the beginnings described in the book of Genesis.

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