Haiti: Direct and Indirect Suffering of Silenced Voices Essay

Haiti: Direct and Indirect Suffering of Silenced Voices Essay

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Direct and Indirect Suffering of Silenced Voices

Haiti is described as the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Most people are not aware of Haiti's long history nor do they know the reasoning behind Haiti’s current state, when in fact, Haiti was once one of the richest countries in the western hemisphere. However, the international community has played a key role in continuously ensuring the destruction of Haiti's colonial wealth and creation and continuance of their suffering. “French colonialists brought hundreds of thousands of slaves from Africa, many of whom were literally worked to death. But in 1789, word of revolution in France made its way to the Caribbean colony” (Clemens, 2010). This encouraged the slaves to revolt, and the French could not put that rebellion down. Slaves outnumbered the colonists 10 to 1(Mason, 2010). Since then the Island has fought off slavery during the rebellion war against the French in 1791–1804 to eliminate slavery and became the first republic ruled by African Ancestry (Mason, 2010). Haiti endowed itself with a symbolic power that far exceeded its actual strength.This power was one of hope for many people who were enslaved by their colonisers, the possibility to be free. Haiti’s remarkable victory against France was the first of its kind. However, Haiti’s success led to more disadvantages that would later affect the country’s state and people. They gained independence only to suffer debt from France that affected the country’s economic stability for centuries.Throughout the nineteenth century many countries including the United States failed to recognize Haiti as a country until 1862, after the secession of the south; this is because of the da...

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...has not yet recovered from sorrow of human acts over the centuries. Haiti will one day rise from the image of a child going to bed hungry; Were Haiti’s children won’t be made fun of because they are Haitian. Two centuries ago Haiti was able to rise up from slavery and become a nation. It is now also possible for Haiti to rise up again and become a land that is treated fairly, that is able to conquer its challenges in order to be free and treated equally among nations. Since before the earthquake, Haiti has been a victim of many of those who have claimed they are there to help. Humanitarian intervention should be understood to encompass without harm and alleviate mass human suffering. Until we address this fundamental issue of humanitarian intervention as opportunity for non humanitarian acts , we will directly and indirectly harm others through our actions.

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