Hairspray: The Cost of Beauty Is Too High Essay

Hairspray: The Cost of Beauty Is Too High Essay

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Throughout the decades, women’s fashion has evolved many times, each time creating a fashion stamp unique to that particular decade. One thing has remained the same and managed to remain a part of every era: hairspray. It is a cosmetic product that is meant to hold hair in its place. A lot of products we use today are may have unseen consequences to daily usage. A product I use almost daily is hairspray. I always knew hairspray was bad for the environment because of the aerosol that was in them would break down the ozone layer, so I began to look at a specific hairspray that I use just about every morning and night, Sebastian Shaper Hairspray, Regular, Styling Mist for Hold & Control. This specific Sebastian Hairspray product is not only bad for the environment; it is also bad for humans and animals.
Sebastian Shaper Hairspray Styling Mist for Hold and Control is bad for many reasons. To begin with the people who use the hairspray are slowly harming their body because the hairspray contains many harmful chemicals like alcohol, carcinogens, propellants, propane, and artificial fragrance. These substances can cause irritation of the skin, lungs and eyes, low blood pressure, breathing difficulty, and coma. It is currently unknown whether ingredients in hairspray are safe for humans to use, but many of the ingredients in this hairspray are unstable compounds and have potential to be harmful. For example before the 1970’s hairsprays contained the propellant vinyl chloride (VC), it took more than a decade to ban this ingredient even though it was known to be harmful for humans. According to the National Institute of Health, “As angiosarcoma of the liver (ASL) is a sentinel cancer from exposure to VC, identification of thes...

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