Hair : What Makes Hair? Essay

Hair : What Makes Hair? Essay

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Hair, a topic that has been and still is very talked about. Questions like curly or straight, beach waves or messy bun are everywhere, but let us go deeper than just the “do” we are getting. Let’s talk about how our hair helps us, why it suits us and why it is that most of us have a different perspective about our own hair, which was specifically chosen for us. We’ll talk about all hair types, from curly to straight and all those others in between, and also why some of us are not happy with our natural type.
What Is Hair?
Defining hair is quite a difficult thing since many people see hair as different things, but let us concentrate this explanation of hair: hair is made of water and something called keratin , and are held together by a binding mediator. Hair as we see it, is just a stand of, well, hair, but under a microscope hair is much more and made up of many layers. The first layer would be the cuticle and that is what protects the hair itself from becoming damaged due to its thickness, while still being very flexible. The next layer would be the cortex which consists of long twisted fibers that come to make a rope. These fibers allow for easy stretching and styling to occur. It is here also where the color of the hair is determined due to pigments, melanin, who in turn gives brown or black; and pheomelanin, which of course would give red or yellow. A third layer would be a medulla which is just the center of the hair chute.
There are also three type of human hair throughout our bodies called: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary hair are those that are very fine, helps with temperature control by sweat, and is found almost everywhere on our bodies except on our lips, palms, soles of our feet, and on our eyelids. Second...

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..., germs, etc. The hairs help stop any pathogen that would eventually reach your respiratory tract, they also help with providing a place for moisture to go to, therefore allowing more air to flow into your respiratory senses.
So in a simply put manner, hair is very important, not just because it has become a huge industry but health wise. It helps many people find love it helps us during love, feel part something, and healthy. And hair isn’t just about what is on the scalp, but it involves much more, such as under our arms, around our face, and around our genitals. They play an important part of our everyday lives, and not just in how we will look that day, but how our body will regulate itself and most importantly it plays a part in our history. Hair has influenced so many cultures and generations, and physically it may one of the most important parts of our body.

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