Hair Loss Treatments for Women Essay

Hair Loss Treatments for Women Essay

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Hair loss treatment for women helps to regain their confidence, attractiveness and self esteem.
Hair loss may begin with few strands of hair on the hair brush or on the pillow and may proceed gradually to baldness in some cases. However, women are luckier since it is of rare occurrence among women. While most men, losing their hair line may become totally bald, women mostly retain their hair line and have diffused thinning hair throughout the scalp.
Hair loss results in the loss of one’s confidence and image. Women are more conscious about their beauty and appearance; they try a lot to keep their attractiveness intact. Hair loss is no more a worrying situation with the availability of a number of treatments in the market.
Before knowing about the hair loss treatments for women, let’s find out the possible causes of hair loss in women.
Causes of hair loss in women:
The most common cause of hair loss is hormonal. Changes in hormonal levels during pregnancy, menopause, hormone replacement therapy, beginning and stopping of birth control pills or thyroid conditions can result in temporary hair loss among women.
When the production of oestrogen increases rapidly or decreased, the changes in the body can result in hair loss. For example, in case of women after child birth, her hormones might enter into a resting phase. Usually during the period of 3-6 months after delivery, women experience increase in hair loss. Such a hair loss is temporary and generally subsides after a period of twelve months.
The other causes of hair loss are harmful hair care techniques, illness, stress, hereditary or an unhealthy diet.
Hair loss treatment for women:
Hair loss treatment for women: Hair renew
Hair renew is specially formulated for tr...

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...available in nature. However, laser light comprises of a single color and frequency, travelling at the same wavelength.
The lasers have enormous power due to their coherent structure. It delivers more energy because it is both uniform and focused.
It has been found that, the healing process can be fastened by directing laser light on injured tissues. It was experimented on hair follicle. Positive results were reported. Laser light therapy helps to rejuvenate and strengthen hair.
Lasers are used in a wide range of medical procedures and have shown beneficial effects.
Hair loss treatment for women: CTR
CTR stands for Cosmetic Transdermal Reconstruction. CTR hair replacement makes you look natural as well as feel natural. It matches so perfectly and precisely that it becomes difficult for anyone to mark the difference. It makes you comfortable and confident.

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