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Hailey's Nightmare Essay

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Standing in the clearing, fog surrounding her, it sent chills through her body. It was like nowhere she’d ever been before. Taking a good look around, she could see a figure coming towards her. As it came closer, a wave of fear rushed through her freezing her to the spot. Something about it seemed off about it, like it was a man and something more at the same time. With every breath it came closer and closer. She shook still frozen in place as her mind raced. There were so many questions going through her mind. What did it want, what was it? Licking her lips she tried to steady herself as it stopped just feet from her. Bracing herself for whatever might come her way, she watched it carefully. It seemed to sniff the air before turning and starting to walk away.
Every part of her wanting to bolt she stood her ground as it looked right at her. “What do you want?” She finally managed to get out. It shook its head and turned without a single word. As it began to walk away the fog poured in, thicker than before. “You.” It was a murmur, its tone giving nothing away. A ripple of pain and fe...

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