Habitat for Humanity: Strategy, Effectiveness, and Strategic Outlook Essays

Habitat for Humanity: Strategy, Effectiveness, and Strategic Outlook Essays

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Habitat for Humanity International Inc. is a 501(c)3 Christian nonprofit organization centered in Americus, Georgia that constructs and repairs houses throughout the world for low-income families. Millard and Linda Fuller founded the organization in 1976, with who were inspired to develop the organization after first visiting Koinonia Farm in 1965 for a service venture. Millard and Clarence Jordan, a farmer at Koinonia, created the idea of “partnership housing” where volunteers aid low-income people in the construction of suitable housing. Today, Habitat has built and repaired over 800,000 homes (“The History of Habitat”). Therefore, this paper will provide a discussion of Habitat for Humanity’s mission and its strategies for developing nations versus that required for developed nations. Additional assessments will include an analysis of the effectiveness, composition, and efficiency of the working boards of Habitat’s affiliate organizations, the impact the organization is making on their “partner” families and their communities, the difficulties the organization is confronting and whether it is accomplishing its mission to the highest capacity. Finally, there will be an examination of the organization’s Strategic Plan for 2014-2018 and further scrutiny as to whether their new approaches will expand their capacity, impact, and effectiveness.
Habitat’s mission asserts that it “believes that every man, woman and child should have a decent, safe and affordable place to live…”(“About Habitat for Humanity”). Therefore, the organization constructs and repairs homes throughout the world through its vast volunteer base, donated materials, and support through donations. It has enjoyed marked success and sustainability through its ...

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