Habakkuk Is The Prophet Habakkuk Essay

Habakkuk Is The Prophet Habakkuk Essay

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The author of the book Habakkuk is the prophet Habakkuk. There is not sufficient information about the prophet only that he mentions that he is a prophet. The prophet Habakkuk lived during the last days of Judah. Which is why it is believed the prophet Habakkuk “began his ministry before 605 BC” (p.449). The occasion the prophet Habakkuk wrote this book was because “Habakkuk could not understand why God worked the way He did” (p. 449). The purpose why Habakkuk wrote this book was to give words against Babylonia. Also, another purpose why the prophet wrote this book was because he wanted to show the people the importance of having faith in God no matter what. Some major themes found in the book of Habakkuk are, “God’s judgment and mercy, to live in faith, and to continue to trust in God” (p. 449-450).
In the beginning of the book, the prophet Habakkuk is struggling to understand God’s purpose and is trying to understand the things God is doing. He always took his worries and concerns to God because he knew that God was a sovereign, living, and just. In the beginning of the book, the prophet asks: “How long, LORD, must I call for help, but you do not listen?” (Habakkuk 1:2). The prophet Habakkuk wondered why God continued to allow Judah to sin. If God had all the power why did he no stop Judah from sinning against Him. However, God answered Habakkuk and said he had great plans. God’s great plan was to have Babylonia rule over Judah. The prophet Habakkuk was even more confused with God’s plans. Then God gave the prophet a vision. God told the prophet Habakkuk that judgment was near and people were to be either arrogant or faithful and trust completely in God. Moreover, Habakkuk speaks against Babylon as well even though they will b...

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... gain salvation by having faith that through Jesus, all of the sins are forgiven. People will always struggle in life, however, as children of God, people must know that God has everything under control. “The sovereign Lord is my strength; He makes my feet like the feet of deer, He enables me to go on heights” (Habakkuk 3:19). Followers of Christ know that God renews their strengths. God does not ask his people to understand him but he is asking to have faith in him. That includes even if things may seem confusing, all he asks is to have faith in him not matter what. “God uses outsiders even enemies to redress injustice within the covenant community” (Craven). Even in that circumstance, one must remain faithful and learn to be joyful. “Just like Habakkuk had complete faith in God, God also desires this kind of ‘no matter what faith’ from his children today” (p. 450).

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