Gutenberg's Printing Press as a Turning Point in Modern Society Essay

Gutenberg's Printing Press as a Turning Point in Modern Society Essay

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Gutenberg’s Printing Press as a Turning point in Modern Society

A turning point entails the landmark moments and forces of change that make up modern history (Liulevicius, 2014). The most important turning point happened way back in 1400. They have helped the human race in their struggle for civilization. These turning points have become a reckoning force in areas that affect people across all parts of the globe. These areas include scientific development, social change, the ever growing wave of technology advancement and innovation, offsets to human intellectual capacity, military techniques for war and natural disasters and most importantly economic development in different economies.
One outstanding impact is the ability to bring not only remarkable changes in the world but also redefining human race’s perspective of the world. This is irrespective of the turning point that makes up modern history. They have provoked human beings to use each day as a compelling turning point of their lives. One outstanding characteristic with the human race is that they are able to invoke change and develop it more for purposes of better innovation and long-lasting transformations in every aspect of their lives (Eisenstein, 2012).
Notably, each turning point in modern history has its own share of impacts to the world. They have assisted human beings to break away from the traditions that despised innovations, stalled development and civilization. The era before modern history did not have room for revolutions; instead things were done with absolute authority and in a certain way. Any digression from the ways set by traditions was a downright taboo (Eisenstein, 2012). Contrastingly, modern society appreciates progression and revolution ...

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...the advent of printed texts. On the other hand, scientific revolution gained its fame through printed text. Were it not for printed text, Nicolas Copernicus would not have published his work on earth revolution back in 1543.
8. It is a basis for sense of unity in the modern community
Print revolution inspired language cohesion because to date people have been able to print texts in their vernacular language other than Latin (Eisenstein, 2012). Nowadays, people can read together through the language in printed texts such as newspapers and journals.

Eisenstein, E. (2012). The printing revolution in early modern Europe (1st ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.,. (2014). Turning Points in Modern History. Retrieved 13 May 2014, from

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