Essay on Guns Should Not Be Allowed On Public School

Essay on Guns Should Not Be Allowed On Public School

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Guns Should Not Be Allowed On Public School
A recent statistic shows that there have been more than forty-seven deadly shootings took place at school campus in year of 2015, and these numbers keep increasing each year. When you are in school such as elementary, middle school, high school, and even college, you want to be safe when you get to the campus. You want the school to make sure school district will ensure safety for your kids after dropped them at school. The schools must be a safest place for kid, so they can fully participate on academic. However, the students will be at risk and feel unsafe when they knows that some students are walking, sitting, or standing next to you could be carrying loaded guns with them. These things happen out of nowhere, if instantly a student takes his gun out and shoots at many students, teachers, and faculty’s staffs. Some kids even commit suicide in campus. When things like that happen at school, many students will not want to come to that school. Especially the specific school that accident happened. More serious the school will need to be close down due to lack of security. Due to lack of safety, students will need to find another school to go and start all over again. Many students that witnesses will be traumatized by the accident. This is why it’s very important to have police officers on campus to maintain safety of the students and the teachers. Some schools even hired local police officers to ensure the security or monitoring to make sure that there are no guns or any weapons that may cause harm in school. In many cases, a lot of schools have metal detectors to ensure that students, staffs, and visitors do not bring weapons. It enhances security measures, so anything that will ca...

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...gency. According to politics, “While in states such as Arizona, North Carolina and Mississippi have proposed bills that would enable teachers to carry firearms in schools, a majority of teachers (87.8 percent) would prefer armed police officers over arming themselves (27.6 percent).” What schools do now is that they are even stricter about their school’s policy. There are more than 2 police officers in school campus to prevent many things that can happen. Many will argue that teacher should carry loaded guns and yes many of the teachers do carry loaded guns at school, but some teachers don’t believe in that kind of violence and refused to carry guns with them.
In conclusion, we need peace for places such as school campuses. A place where people able to gain and contribute knowledge and not harming each other. As a matter of fact guns were made for war and killing

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