Essay on Guns Don't Kill People, Crazy People Kill People

Essay on Guns Don't Kill People, Crazy People Kill People

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Imagine this scenario. You are sound asleep and you hear a loud noise and voices that should not be downstairs. You look across your dark room to your clock and it is 3:00 AM and then you realize that your home is being invaded. Your room seems to get darker and your heart starts beating even faster and louder that you feel like the assailants themselves can hear it. The voices begin to get louder and so do the sounds of their footsteps and you begin panicking and start to sweat profusely. You think about calling the police, but it is too late the invaders are already upstairs. You stand wishing you had purchased that AR-15 that Congress banned not too long ago. You start praying for your life and the lives of your children down the hall and there is nothing left to do. This is an utterly dreadful scenario that could have been dealt with if it were not for the rising cry for gun control in the United States. The government wants to amend or abolish a right that has been a part of our history for over 200 years and was given to us by our founding fathers. The government should not abolish the rights of the U.S. citizens to bear arms because, fewer guns do not necessarily mean a safer country, firearms are not the problem but the mentally ill people that use them, and firearms are not simply killing machines but a means of protection and recreation.

Gun control and fewer guns in the right hands do not necessarily mean a safer country. Gun free zones have become magnets for mass shootings such as the recent Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The Gun Free Zone Act of 1990 prohibits individuals from carrying firearms in certain institutions such as schools. It seems we have a fixation that no defense is a good defense and it simpl...

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