Guns Do Not Need More Restrictions Essay example

Guns Do Not Need More Restrictions Essay example

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Along with many other reasons, guns do not need any more restrictions. No one seems to be taking into account all of the other means of deaths and the death tolls of those actions. Many of the murders in the United States are committed with a variety of resources such as hammers and clubs, drugs, and even vehicles. According the FBI crime files, in 2006 the amount of deaths executed with clubs and hammers were 618, meanwhile the amount of murders rifles were used in was only 438 (Hawkins, “FBI: More People killed…”). This clearly portrays that rifles are not as much of a problem as it may seem. It shows that something so simplistic and common can cause more deaths than a sophisticated rifle. No matter what the weapon may be, simple or complex, a person with an intent to kill will proceed with whatever material is available. Other researchers discovered that prescription pharmaceuticals are at fault for ⅗ of all overdose deaths (Wing). This represents that no matter what the laws and regulations are, people will still break them which unfortunately often results in fatal consequences. By having more laws that limit certain things, prescribed pharmaceuticals in this case, it will not prevent people from harming themselves or others, nor will it prevent them from still obtaining them. For instance, people in need will seek out these drugs and will go about getting them correctly. Meanwhile, there are many individuals that will do anything to obtain the drugs any way possible, legal or illegal, thus constituting a law will not stop them. If these people have the intent to cause harm to themselves or others they most likely will neglect the laws that forbid these actions. This way of thinking is similar to that of criminals when conce...

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... research, it is clear to see the many benefits of having guns prominently used in our society. Not only do guns protect the lives of their owners, but they also prevent many deaths of the unarmed people as well. The death toll of guns are not as traumatic as other causes of death such as drugs, prescribed pharmaceuticals, or illicit drugs. Also with the rapidly expanding use of firearms, our world has become tremendously safer; crime rates have inversely diminished as the number of guns have increased across the nation. It is not guns that need to be controlled; it 's the people that stand behind them that need to be controlled. As the saying goes, it’s not guns that are killing people, it’s people who are killing people. Indeed, guns may seem intimidating, but with proper training and equipment, they are very useful machines that are prominent in our society today.

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