Guns Do Not Cause Crime, But They Do Make Crimes More Lethal Essay

Guns Do Not Cause Crime, But They Do Make Crimes More Lethal Essay

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Guns do not cause crime, but they do make crimes more lethal. About eighty-seven people a day die in America. “IF YOU live in America, you are four times more likely to be murdered than if you live in Britain, almost six times more likely than in Germany, and 13 times more likely than in Japan”(The Economist 12-3). “it is a simple fact that two-thirds of all murders in America involve guns” (The Economist 12-3). It is simple to see that most murders involve a gun. The guns are not the issue; the people that have the guns are the issue. The guns that people can acquire shouldn’t be restricted but the access to guns of any kind should be restricted.
There are many stories of people who shoot schools and public places that have mental health problems. James Holmes, the Colorado theater shooter, shot and killed 12 people and injured 70 others during a Batman film. He tried to plead insanity to get less of a sentence. The Sandy Hook shooter shot and killed 20 children, 6 staff members, his mother and himself. Before he went to the school, he killed his mother at her home. He went on to the school and killed the 20 children and 6 staff members. After he was done first responders arrived and he shot himself in the head. Police found that he planned the whole thing by himself, but they found no reason as to why he did it or why he targeted the school. Brice Williams killed two people and injured another, while an interview was occurring on live TV. Police tracked him using his phone. As they surrounded him, he killed himself. All people that commit these mass shootings have some sort of mental health problem deciding between what is right and wrong. These shootings shouldn’t lead to stricter gun laws, but lead to stricter access to the gu...

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...cent raise is nothing compared to the thirty-nine percent fall. This means that the people of the United States are not committing gun crimes, as often, so the gun laws are not necessary.
Does the United States need tougher gun control laws? No, the Gun laws that are in effect are good enough. There are plenty of laws banning certain guns and attachments there does not need to be more. Making more gun laws would only take guns from the law-abiding citizens that are not crazy. It wouldn’t take the guns away from criminals. Criminals will get guns with or without the banns so there is not a need to take the guns away from the people looking for protection. But, the laws on who can get guns need to be tougher. The availability to get guns legally is too easy. If there were a background check before every gun purchase, it would prevent most criminals from getting guns.

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