Guns Can Have a Positie or Negative Effect in the World Essay

Guns Can Have a Positie or Negative Effect in the World Essay

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Guns can have a positive or a negative effect in the world. Guns can be the most important instrument for the “good guys” to bring peace, but guns can be used in a wrong way by the “bad guys” committing violent crimes. The views on the gun control from the gun owners and those who oppose guns are different. Lots of peoples are murdered every day in gun violence. There is a controversy going on about gun control in the United States, whether if the gun controls should be permitted or not. The gun control debate has been a hot topic for year, and lots of people think guns are unnecessary tool, but some think it is needed for their safety. There are new laws that are dealing with this issue about the gun control. Permitting the carrying of concealed handguns can make the individuals and Unites States safer; however it also causes lots of violent crimes to occur.
From the gun owners’ view, they think the gun should be permitted in United States. For the soldiers who risked their life for our country, gun is the instrument which brought the peace, not to kill, not to destroy, but to stop those who would do evil, to protect people, defense them, and to stand up for freedom (Uhm). Guns, also known as firearms, are one of the strongest weapons, and are usually used for protection. In wars, the soldiers risk their lives to protect countries, but without the gun, they will not be able to fight back their opponents. They use guns not only to kill people, but to bring peace, freedom and to protect citizens. People say having a gun in their house is necessary for protection; when someone breaks into our house, and they should use the gun to defend themselves (Ruben). The gun owners in the US do not disagree with creating the laws and reduc...

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...t may be used in the war to protect our country and to bring freedom. However it may be used by criminal committing violence, such as school shooting. The gun owners agree with the new laws, that are restricting the accessibility of guns, but they still think guns should be allowed in US. The views from the other people, who do not own guns, are different; they are opposing the guns, and are arguing that guns should not be permitted in America. Especially, since the school shootings, this social issue became a huge conflict, and lots of new laws were created. The new laws are favored by the opponents of guns and even to the guns owners. Guns can be either a helpful or a harmful instrument whether if it is used in a right or wrong way, but to prevent the guns from getting used in a wrong way, the only solution is to create new stricter laws and use the laws properly.

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