Guns Are More Harmful Than Alcohol Essay

Guns Are More Harmful Than Alcohol Essay

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Guns, people say that guns are necessary. For example they say if for protection, for fun, or because they think having a gun is cool. But are they really necessary? Because according to the news and social media, people use guns for destruction, some good examples are shootings at schools, at public places and wars. And the worst of all is that students and common people that suffer from mental problems are the ones causing all those shootings, and they all get the guns from home or a store. It seems that now days it is easier to buy guns and ammo than buying alcohol, and that’s a fact 18 year olds can buy guns, but not alcohol. In my opinion guns are more harmful than alcohol. That’s why society has to put an end to this, if there’s no end to this chaos and murder will be destroying what the common people hold so dear, and that’s their life’s and the life of their love ones. Guns should be banned because it destroys communities, some people are not qualified to have guns, and massive murders in schools.
People in the United States have quick access to firearms, and that’s a big problem because maybe some of those people that bought a gun recently is plotting a shooting at a public place or school or maybe that person is a psychopath and goes on a rampage killing anyone that stands on his way. That’s why there should be more gun regulations, to live in a safer environment. . “I personally believe there are far too many guns out there, and access to guns, it’s far too easy.” (Ethan Mcleod n.p.n) as stated by Mr. Mcleod author of gun control that agrees that this country have too many guns and there’s no control. Ether they should reduce the production of guns and ammunition or just add more regulations. According to Garen Wint...

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...s dominates depends on whether the guns are possessed or used by criminals or non-criminals.” (Gary Kleck 905) they say that guns help decrease the violent crime rates and that is better than having no protection at all.
All in all guns should be control and kept away from children and teenagers, and they also should put more regulations and and prohibits sales to mentally ill people and people that are not capable of handling a gun because they might provoke a tragic accident. The government should also stop the unofficial sales of guns in the streets and stop the illegal trading of guns with criminal organizations, school should have more security incase someone brought a gun and starts reveling and creating chaos in the school facilities. Society should take more responsibility with their guns, to not let them fall in the wrong hands and bad decisions makers.

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