Essay on Guns and Society: Guns in the Eyes of Society

Essay on Guns and Society: Guns in the Eyes of Society

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In the past years, guns become the most used weapon around the world. Many kind

of different weapons were produced and distributed in the public when the world war happened.

The people in the early days invent guns not for self-defence but it is used for fighting their

opponents. In today’s television people have seen guns related to movies, examples of which are

Die Hard, James Bond, and Wanted. In these films the protagonist was excellent in combat that

he can fight the enemy all by himself or save the world only using a handgun. But does having a

gun make a person moral or immoral? Do Guns change the attitude of the holder or the holder

change attitude based on the gun?

The Invention of Guns

Have you heard about the story of David and Goliath? The story starts with a

shepherd boy at a farm during that time their country, Bethlehem a few miles south of Jerusalem,

was on war. It all started when the Philistine soldiers got to their territory, and that no men in

their country wanted to fight the best warrior of Philistine named Goliath. They also didn’t have

any soldiers or a countryman that is strong enough to fight with Goliath. The people of

Bethlehem looks like they got no chance of winning, but David, the youngest son of Jesse, got an

idea in fighting Goliath because he taught that if he fight hand-in-hand with Goliath he had no

chance of winning, so he use a slingshot. He uses distance to have an advantage at fighting

Goliath, since he is short and fast. David did this technique one of its advantage is having

distance (War Inventions, 2012).

It is the same with the Romans they uses ballista, catapult, and long bows. Ballista

is a long range weapon with the capability to throw big obj...

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Guns in the Eyes of Society: Guns in American’s Society

Jon Kenneth L. Añoso



 Invention of Guns

 The Discovery of gunpowder

II. Guns in American’s Society

 Effects of guns in the society

 Open Carry society


Impact of guns in the society

 Impact of guns in the society: Power

 Impact of guns in the society: Self-Defence

 Impact of guns in the society: Gun control

IV. Guns in society: Is it Good or Bad?

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