Essay on Gun Violence Restraining Orders ( Gvro )

Essay on Gun Violence Restraining Orders ( Gvro )

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Another solution to suicide gun violence is Gun Violence Restraining Orders (GVRO). According to a study on GVRO, past tendencies of violence are a better detector of future gun violence than mental illness (Frattaroli, McGinty, Barnhorst, & Greenberg, 2015, pp. 292-293). Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (DVRO) inspired the idea of GVRO; DVRO allow people to get a short-term restraining order from their partner who may harm them. GVRO prevents someone from getting or using a gun or ammunition for a year.
If a family or friend thinks a person is showing signs of violence, and may harm themselves or others, the person will get a notice of the GVRO. The notice will explain why a restraining order was issued and will inform the person that he or she must give up its guns and ammunition, or police will come in with a warrant and confiscate them. Although California is the only state to enact GVRO, “Indiana, Connecticut, and Texas have laws allowing law enforcement officers to remove guns from people they believe are dangerous” (Resnick, 2015, para. 14). GVRO in California allows people to go through the justice system and get a trial in court.
There are three types of GVRO: the two more temporary GVRO include emergency GVRO and an ex parte GVRO, and a more permanent GVRO includes a standard GVRO. An emergency GVRO goes into immediate effect after the victim calls the police. It must be significantly possible for the suspect to cause harm with a gun soon, where if the victim waited for a standard GVRO it would be too late. The police and a judge can determine at any time if an emergency GVRO should be issued. Emergency GVRO are effective for twenty-one days. Ex parte GVRO are like emergency GVRO, but it can only be issued during c...

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...good start; it allows people close to the suspect to intervene before anything drastic happens. California Democratic Representative, Lois Capps, proposed a “Pause for Safety” bill that included GVRO to Congress in 2015. Not all states were interested in the bill, but the bill went to the House Judiciary Committee for review (Edger, 2015). The GVRO may need a few changes to get more states to participate. Likewise, people might feel better about it if the time between the warrant and the trial was shorter than two weeks. Both solutions do not prevent the suspect from using a family member’s gun and The Gun Shop Project does not protect people from guns they already own. Regardless, the benefit of these solutions is that they are not permanent gun control policies. The solutions temporarily store guns from a potential threat until the moment of violence is resolved.

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