Essay on Gun Violence Awareness Of The United States

Essay on Gun Violence Awareness Of The United States

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Gun Violence Awareness
In the past few years, in the United States, there have been many tragic cases of gun shootings in public places raising safety concerns to the country’s residents. One of the most known cases in the United States, is the massacre at Virginia Tech made by a student called Seung-Hui Cho who killed 32 people. In the article “Gun Violence” by Kenneth Jost, the author highlights the opinion of some of the authorities on the issue of gun violence and some people are actually in favor of allowing normal civilians to carry guns either to protect themselves from potential criminals or for recreational purposes like hunting. There are people that claim that only an authority like a police officer or someone who is in armed services should be allowed to carry a gun because it is too dangerous for civilians to carry them.
Gun violence has created a big controversy in the U.S. because some people believe that firearms should be only for authorities or certified professionals but, others believe that guns should be a civil right meaning anyone can get one with the appropri...

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