Gun Laws And The State Of Alabama Essay

Gun Laws And The State Of Alabama Essay

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"Alabama Gun Laws"
Alabama gun laws and the control of guns are a hot topic in the State of Alabama. Some say gun laws are way too strict. Others say they are not strict at all, and want them to be stricter. I will provide an informative look at gun laws and regulations in the state of Alabama. First by determining what is the legal age to purchase and possess a gun and gun permit. Secondly by determining who qualifies for a gun and who does not by law. Finally by answering the question, where can you legally carry your firearm, and where you cannot carry one?
The State of Alabama seems to have some regulations regarding the buying, possession, and registration of firearms. Alabama gun laws do not require individuals to have a gun permit for the purchase of rifles, shotguns, and handguns. However for the purchase of handguns you must be twenty-one years of age.
Although Federal law prohibits dealers from selling handguns or pistols to anyone under twenty-one years old, shotgun and rifles can be purchased at the age of eighteen. Laws prohibiting firearms on or near school grounds are designed to prevent school violence, meaning that no one with the intent to harm anyone in possession of a deadly weapon on public school for grades K-twelve. Students who bring a gun to school, school buses, or school sponsored functions will be expelled for no less than one year.
Even though the State of Alabama may have its own regulations and laws regarding firearms, it still must follow certain federal laws and guidelines. Alabama residents that are over the age of eighteen are allowed to purchase rifles and shotguns from a licensed dealer in any state. With further investigation into this I found out an eighteen year old may purchase handgu...

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...possess a short-barreled rifle or short-barreled shotgun. This does not apply to peace officers carrying out their official duties.
• You may not carry a firearm within any wildlife management area, except while in possession of a valid permit allowing this privilege. This does not apply to authorized law enforcement officers or officers of the United States forest service, the United States Bureau of Biological Survey, or of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources while carrying out their official duties.
• Additionally, you may not possess brass or steel Teflon-coated ammunition (which is designed to penetrate a bullet proof vest) under any circumstances. Any person found to be in possession of this kind of ammunition during the commission or attempted commission of a felony using a handgun is subject to an additional sentence of three years.

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