Gun Guns Should Not Be Banned Essay

Gun Guns Should Not Be Banned Essay

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A much debated issue in current times is the regulation or banning of gun. We have had the second amendment since 1689, when the bill of rights was made to give the people the right to bear arms. Guns have been around since 1364, when the first recorded use of a firearm was used and has been ever expanding with more people owning guns every day. There are many different reasons to own a gun, from using it for self-defense around the home to hunting for food, they are very useful and have saved many lives. The sad fact is that even though they can be used for lots of good things, people have also found many ways to use this great invention for the worst, and be harmful to people and property. Ever since guns were invented, they have been used against people and caused lots of injuries and deaths. Regardless of the good and bad aspects of guns, I personally believe that guns should not be banned.
First of all, guns are a very useful tool for many reasons both good and bad. They can be used for hunting for food, so people don’t have to starve. Guns are also great for self-protection against either bad people or animals. Back in the day, when guns were invented, people didn’t live in as settled places as we do now, so they had to protect themselves from wild animals and bad people like muggers. The invention made it a little better to protect one’s self because they could attack from a distance instead of having to get up close, like what they would have had to do before the invention of guns. Today, some people still have to rely on guns because they may live somewhere where the threat of wild animals is still very real, like in Alaska, where the closest town might be hundreds of miles away from where the people are, and maybe even...

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...y help the cause
In conclusion banning guns in america should not be done in the united states, however gun control will still remain a very controversial issue, and it will most likely stay that way. In most peoples opinion it should not be. Guns are a very useful tool for many years, ever since they were invented to current times. guns have been used from self-protection to just plain survival and hunt for food. Guns are the only thing to protect us from people with guns so it should definitely be legal for people to carry them. even just the fact that countries with strict gun laws have a higher murder rate, which disproves most peoples ideas of gun laws being the answer to murder rates, should be enough reason for the united states of america to not even considering guns. Even adding more guns to the equation could help but the last thing we should do is ban guns.

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