Gun Control: Mass Shootings and Violent Crimes Essay

Gun Control: Mass Shootings and Violent Crimes Essay

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The Problem
To start the evaluation the first question that should be answered is why the issue of owning guns has become such a problem within the American subculture. The answer to this question is complicated, but perhaps there are four key reasons. The first reason being the main stream Medias perception and messages that they portray to the public about firearms ownership, an example of this is although it is more likely to die in a motor vehicle accident than die from a gunshot injury the media focuses on glorifying the issue of gun violence on most of their programing, including giving false statistics and inaccurate information to the people in order to skew public opinion.. The second area that may be a reason why gun ownership is such a problem has to do with perception in that only an estimated “36% of American Households own a gun” (Ludwig, 2003) while the other 64% either see no reason to own a gun or are very uncomfortable around guns. The third problematic area for gun owners is the opinions and positions of certain political parties and leaders, in which these politicians have well documented and public agendas against the second amendment and gun ownership by the private citizen in general. The fourth and final perception problem has to do with very sensitive issues that sway public opinion such as guns being used in shootings in which large amounts of people have been killed and injured.

Two of the most recent and most shocking of these shooting happened at schools, the first in April 2007 at Virginia Tech in Blackburg Virginia, dubbed the Virginia Tech Massacre, it was the deadliest shooting incident by a single gunman on a School Campus in U.S History in which 33 people were killed and another 25 were inju...

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...ntentionally breaking the law by attempting to purchase a firearm should increase prosecution rates and penalties. There should be a federal mandate for states to meet the same criteria for concealed carry laws especially when it comes to training, however there should be no federal restrictions put onto the states concerning taxes or costs. Gun free zones should be disbanded and schools should adopt policies that protect these nations’ children, rather than put them at risk. The final recommendation is that a limited assault weapons ban should be re-implemented with a change describing large capacity magazines identified as over 15 rounds. Although the effects of the original ban did not really produce any tangible results on reduction of crime, the potential long term impact could be similar to that of the federal restrictions placed on fully automatic weapons.

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