Gun Control: Is It Really in the Second Amendment Essay

Gun Control: Is It Really in the Second Amendment Essay

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The Second Amendment states that “a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”. The way the Supreme Court interprets this amendment changes constantly because not even the Supreme Court fully understands the limits and rights given to citizens. Some argue that this amendment protects our right to own a gun, but is not very clear. Over the years the second amendment has become a huge debate over gun rights and gun control. This is a cause of all the gun violence this country has been facing for many years and they need a way to help prevent gun violence or even suppress the amount of deaths faced by these tragedies. One of the ways this country has been trying to deal with gun control is background checks. A background consists of this, when someone goes to a federally licensed gun dealer, the dealer is required by federal law to run a background check under their name. The dealer submits their name through a federal database system that consists of criminal and mentally ill records. It then reports back to the dealer and states whether or not the consumer has passed the background check and is eligible to legally purchase a gun (Martinez). Background checks are a great but they need to be strengthened and the loop holes have to be fixed. Having stricter background checks is a necessity to decreasing firearm fatalities.
Gun control is becoming a huge topic in this country. Unfortunately there are news stories almost every day reporting some type of firearm tragedy. It is almost the anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting that took place last year on December 14th 2012. A man named Adam Lanza entered Sandy Hook Elementary with a gun...

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...would help deter some people from selling guns privately. The last loop hole in the system lies in the accuracy of the system. Many states do not report names of people who have been deemed by the courts to be mentally ill. An example of this flaw in the system is the Virginia Tech shooting. The Virginia Tech shooter had passed two background checks because the system was flawed. If the system was up to date and the Virginia tech shooter failed the background check, the Virginia Tech could have been prevented. As a result of this shooting the Federal Government passed a law that encourages states to report to the system who is dangerously mentally ill. But there is only about half of the states that report mentally ill people (Martinez). All fifty states should report all the people convicted as mentally ill to help prevent any dangerous people from obtaining a gun.

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