Gun Control Fails To Prevent Criminals From Getting Guns Essays

Gun Control Fails To Prevent Criminals From Getting Guns Essays

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It’s a quiet, Sunday afternoon. The rain is coming down outside, and the sound of it makes for a relaxing ambiance. You open a few windows and the front door to better enjoy the calming effect of the rainfall. Going into the kitchen, you decide to make a cup of coffee so you can sit down and read the Sunday paper. Suddenly, a man bursts into your home carrying a small pistol and comes running towards you. You manage to shut the kitchen door and go through the pantry into your hallway. Running up the stairs, you turn around and see the man coming up behind you. You make it to your bedroom, slamming the door shut behind you, running to get to your cell phone in your backpack. Much to your dismay, you realize it is downstairs in the living room. The man outside is beating on the door. You can hear the frame beginning to give. You reach into your nightstand to get the gun you bought after taking the small-arms familiarization course, but, other than a few books, a notepad, and some pens, you find that the gun is no longer there. The man kicks the door in; he looks around, finds you hiding in the closet, smiles, and points the pistol right at your head. Your last thoughts are of your family, friends and the rest of the life you still had to live. If only the federal small-arms ban had never gone into effect.
While this scenario may sound extreme and implausible to some, it can happen. Fortunately, the writers of our constitution had the foresight to include owning weapons in the Bill of Rights. The 2nd amendment addresses this directly: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” (Madison, 1791). Because of the 2nd amendment and the...

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