Gun Control : Crime Issue Or Rights Issue? Essay

Gun Control : Crime Issue Or Rights Issue? Essay

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Gun Control: Crime Issue or Rights Issue? 
Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. To many people gun control is a crime issue, to others it is a rights issue. The US should not adopt stricter gun control laws because, it 's the best source of protection, laws will not control criminals, and it takes away your Second Amendment rights. The majority of U.S. gun owners does not represent a threat to society ( Gun Control Reform par. 1). The other part is either mentally ill or a criminal.  
Many people will try to argue that the use of guns is dangerous, but it is the best source of protection in most cases. Without guns people are left helpless with no way to protect themselves. Without guns, criminals are more likely to break into houses, rob people, or even kill. If criminals realize guns are prohibited then they will think it 's easier to commit crimes without the worry of being shot. Critics note that reforming gun control laws would do nothing to stop the mentally ill or disturbed people from committing violent acts and, in fact, could hinder citizens ' abilities to defend themselves from such people ( Gun Control Reform par. 6). The only way to protect yourself in break-ins, robberies, or mass shootings is to scare the criminals with guns. If there was to be a mass shooting the only way to stop the bad guy with the gun is a good guy with a gun ( Gun Control Laws par. 23). Gun control would stop your ability to protect yourself and many others in bad situations like that. 
Gun control laws will not control criminals. Criminals are called criminals because they are known for breaking the law.  Just because laws are established to control the use of guns doesn’t mean it will stop the criminals from getting their hands on them...

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...uns because there are too many guns in the world. The people shouldn 't be punished by having their guns taken away, because of the mistakes of criminals. Stricter gun laws will probably require better background checks, but the criminals can always pass a background check and then go insane. " You can strip all guns away, but the people who are going to commit crimes or have problems are always going to have guns." ( John Kasich Gun Laws par. 42). 
Forrester 3 
Gun control for the most part is limiting your safety and rights as an American. gun control is something needed to keep you and everyone around you protected. Laws haven 't stopped criminals from committing crimes yet, and gun control laws won 't stop them either. You should want to be safe and do your activities freely without any laws preventing you from doing so. A no to gun control is a yes for safety. 

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