Gun Control And Violent Crimes Essay

Gun Control And Violent Crimes Essay

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The United States is undergoing an issue of gun control and violent crimes due to all the firearms available in America. Some people have the opinion that gun control should be even stricter and the government should take away all firearms from American citizens, while others think that citizens should be allowed to own or purchase a gun if that person meets the requirements. Laws are different for each state, and most of the states protect our right to bear arms. I know a lot of people in America own one or more gun, there are “88.8 guns per 100 people” (ProCon). A lot of people in Kentucky own guns, which might be a stereo type that people hear, but in my experience it is true. I live in a county where guns are pretty much everywhere, not for the same reasons as some of the bigger cities, we have it for sport. There are different viewpoints on the topic of what we should do with guns and my opinion is that if we want to achieve less violence in the United States, banning guns is not the way to go. Getting rid of all guns will start an outrage for most citizens. According to Phoebe Bovy in her article, “Ban Guns. Yes, All of Them.” she discusses banning guns by making invalid points and bashing the Second Amendment. She makes gun control seem discriminatory, and says the mentally ill don’t deserve to be treated differently, that we should just get rid of all guns to stop the violence. The only way to try stopping the violence is by taking more background checks, not by taking all firearms away from the citizens of America that deserve their freedom of having a gun. Bovy wrote a weak article because she does not support her claims with many sources, has a sarcastic tone, and discriminates throughout the whole article.
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...g we can do to help with the violence on guns is more advancement in our background checks. That will help with protections against the mentally ill buying guns. The U.S. Constitution was written by our founding fathers and we should not take out the Second Amendment. We as American citizens have rights we deserve and Bovy does not make a good point with her article and I disagree with her completely and so should you. In the article all she has is sarcastic comments with no evidence. There are some uses of sources but only two and they were both unrelated sources. Bovy repeated time and time again that people need to make this banning law a possibility. If it isn’t a possibility she shouldn’t have wrote about it. There are too many people that disagree with the banning law. If banning guns was a good idea it would be a possibility. Do you believe it’s a possibility?

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