Gun Control And The Rights Of Gun Owners Essay

Gun Control And The Rights Of Gun Owners Essay

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Everyone is talking about it, it’s all over the news, in the headlines of countless stories and articles, it’s so big it’s even made its way into politics. Gun control is a very controversial topic, and currently there isn’t any solution in sight. Over the past couple of years the U.S. government and news have worked up gun control to the point that it’s becoming difficult to talk about it without upsetting someone. During all of this controversy, two main sides have become apparent. The first of which would be those that support the 2nd amendment and the rights of gun owners, and the second being the group of people that are against the 2nd amendment and the rights of gun owners.

While both sides have valid arguments, I do believe that one side is right, and the other is wrong. Many terrible crimes have been committed with a weapon present, they just as easily could have been stopped or avoided with another weapon. For years people have looked for something to blame for these crimes and shootings, of course the immediate blame of the crime was dumped onto the shooter, but overall people kept coming back to the idea and theory that firearms are the issue. Throughout many different cases whether it be a murder resulting in a single death, or a mass shooting involving the deaths of numerous people, this trend continued. People would be very upset and angry with the shooter, but the people and the media always ended up looking towards gun control for a solution through immediate complaining about how guns are too easy to obtain the U.S. and how guns are evil and the root of these evil deeds.

Then very recently that trend has come to a halt. On December 2, 2015, another shooting happened. This one was different though, people didn...

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...h law abiding citizens that are armed and ready to defend themselves and others around them?

For those of you reading who would still disagree and stand by your beliefs such as “guns kill people”, let me ask you this. Do you really think the only way a criminal with intentions to kill a mass of people at once is through a firearm? That criminal could get in a vehicle and run into a group of people and harm them just as easily if not easier than by using a firearm. I still stand by the opposite of the previous mentioned statement, which is “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

I hope that in reading this you will have seen and understood the perspective of those who would keep their 2nd amendment right. Not only that, but I also hope I have somehow proved how counterproductive it would be to disarm the law abiding and how it would be punishing the innocent.

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