Gun Control And Its Effects On The Economy Essay

Gun Control And Its Effects On The Economy Essay

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Protect Gun Trading
Gun control has been one of the most controversial topics in the society. Some people support gun control because they think it will help reduce homicide rates. However, gun control won’t help reduce homicide rates, and it will have negative economic effects. In addition, people can be safer when there is no gun control.
First, gun control will have negative effects on the economy. That is to say, if gun trading is limited, government’s tax income will be reduced. According to Firearm Industry Statistics, the annual tax collected on gun trading is 123 million dollar, so if the gun control is implemented, the government will has more federal difficulty. In addition, gun control will increase unemployment rate, some people who are workers in the firearm factory will lose their job. After they lose their jobs, there will also be more pressure for government to arrange these people. According to “America’s Gun Economy, By the Numbers” by Josh Sanburn, there are 209750 jobs related to the firearm industry in 2012. Moreover, government’s expenditure will also increase because they need to hire more people to control gun trading. Gun industry also has an important economic influence. According to Firearm Industry Statistics, the gun manufacturing annual revenue is 11 billion dollars. So the gun industry makes a big contribution to the economy and provides a lot of employments. If the gun control is implemented, there will be a huge impact on the economy and make many people lose their jobs.
Second, gun control will have negative effects on the protection of citizens. That is to say, when people are in danger, if they have a gun, they can protect themselves by the gun. The person who is going to hurt others will also b...

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...1.6% in 2006, and it became 22.4% in 2014. So when the gun ownership was increased from 2006 to 2014, the homicide rate decreases. Moreover, the reason why someone chooses to shoot or hurt others who are innocent is that he has too much pressure and wants to abreact. Controlling guns won’t help this kind of people reduce their pressure. In contrast, when there isn’t a gun control, people can use guns to hunt or shooting targets to release their pressure, so that there will be less crime. Therefore, gun control can’t help government reduce the crime rates, and guns have positive effects on reducing crime rates.
All in all, the gun trading shouldn’t be controlled because the gun industry makes a big contribution to the economy. Citizens can also be protected if there isn’t a gun control. Gun control also can’t help government reduce the crime rates and homicide rates.

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