Essay on Gun Control And Gun Safety

Essay on Gun Control And Gun Safety

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Every year all across the country, millions of citizens are being slaughtered with the same tools that were supposed to protect them from that. Gun safety, or lack thereof, is at the forefront of the average American’s life. People who support guns are often misinformed about their reasons, stating the Second Amendment as the reason everyone should wield a gun. Little do they realize that was written during a completely different time and the societal norms and needs were very different from what we have today. In today’s life, all types of guns, including handguns, are inflicting all kinds of harm. These guns are very rarely used for self defense against criminals, and often end up creating even more crime. Handguns are the cause of high amounts of destruction in this country, and because of this we must ban them from being purchased.
The future of our country and our world is the children that are living in it. Kids deserve to be brought up in perfectly safe, friendly environments, where they are not placed in danger. Handguns are placing the children of this country in danger. There are 1.69 million children under the age of 18 years old that live in homes with handguns, and 43% of these children have access to guns which are kept unlocked quite frequently. This is a huge problem for our children. You can try to force everyone to lock up their guns, but not everyone will listen. The easier solution is to ban the handguns from being purchased. These children living in homes with guns are at an inordinate risk. In a normal day in the United States, eight children and teens will die from gunfire. Gun death peaks between the ages of 15 and 24, were boys and girls are naturally curious about life and learn their lessons through...

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... happier, less crime will be committed, and less innocent citizens will die. Some people may see the entire banning of guns as too harsh. There are some people who really do actually use them in self defense. If there ever not to be a total ban, the least we can do is ban them from certain types of people. We should make it impossible for youths, previous criminals, and the mentally disabled to have guns. Criminals who committed crimes like tax evasion should not be banned from using guns, but the violent criminals should definitely not be given access to guns. However, it would ultimately be best for our country to ban guns entirely. The statistics from countries across the world with strict gun bans speak for themselves. If America wants to improve the conditions of its country, they can take a step in the right direction with the banning of handguns nationwide.

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