Essay Gun Control And Gun Controls

Essay Gun Control And Gun Controls

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For years there has been a never-ending debate on gun controls due to high crime rates, and those who want to own a gun have to fight for their rights in order to physically own one; now that this has been a very hostile topic discussed for many years here in the United States. Before the enforcement of gun control, American citizens were capable of owning a loaded firearm in their house with no explanation; now due this topic is being discussed, firearms are showing up as red flags across the United States that are truly upsetting thousands of fellow Americans who own one, to multiple firearms. As for oneself, having such a strict gun control leaves individuals going behind the governments back using their firearms by having them shot off illegally or even so not at ranges due to the inflation of costs. It’s not just those who have no intention of criminal actions, but those who have intentions of killing individuals, have to be protective of their firearms as well, keeping them even more of a secret from onlookers estimating the crime rates to increase by enforcing this law.
In 1971, the Bill of Rights Second Amendment clearly states that, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringes.” now to current day, there has been two legislation signed into law and having seven pending into legislation and nine failing on passing legislation; now, having this being 224 years ago, lots has changed through the years. That being said, it is not all Americans who have intentions of killing with their weapons, so why as a country are we trying to ban the use of guns if the Second Amendment clearly states that our rights as citizens should not h...

... middle of paper ... was nothing wrong with the other solutions that were found, but the weren 't something that was then easily targeted to discuss and argue about with someone who highly disagreed with. Therefore discussing those three reasons left my argument to be substantial to those who weren 't.
Now after reading my points through this essay, how have your views changed on the matter of gun control here in the United States? Has it changed for the better or has it changed for the worst? Maybe try and go out onto a range and give something a chance, not saying that everyone will truly enjoy it or change their minds, but trying something and seeing how it goes for possibly the first time or your first time in a while. Now saying you ended up enjoying it, how for you feel about the gun control now, how will this affect how you will try and go out and doing this for one 's pleasure?

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