Essay on Guitar Hero’s Powerful Learning Sound

Essay on Guitar Hero’s Powerful Learning Sound

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Regardless of whether one is musically inclined, most can agree they enjoy the sanctity of music. Music speaks to most on a personal level, with a stronghold on various ideas of how a particular song speaks to an individual’s identity. In addition to music offering a sense of peace and identity, music may also bring out the spirit of competition among friends, peers, and strangers. Combining video games with music creates a unique environment in which a wide array of players can join in regardless of how much music experience they have in real life. Guitar Hero is a music rhythm game in which players are able to pick a song of their choice and use a guitar shaped controller to replicate a lead, rhythm, or bass guitar. Regardless of whether or not the player has any previous guitar experience, they still have the chance to simulate a solo on par with a rock legend.
Guitar Hero also offers a Face-Off mode, which stimulates competition as it allows players to face off on the same song, even offering various levels of difficulty. While observing the interactions of two best friends playing the game, it became apparent that music itself is a powerful stimulant for observational learning. Music is an affinity space, and Guitar Hero creates a specific niche where groups of people can learn from observing each other’s game play. Therefore, Guitar Hero’s Face Off mode promotes an affinity space among friends not only conducive to learning, but the cutthroat nature of novices engaging in the observational learning of more talented players stimulates a player’s ability to become more familiar with rhythm and music. The social interactions occurring throughout the game serve as motivators to improve, especially when one player d...

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... try different strategies and ways of playing the game so the trash talk no longer applies to them.

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