The Guidelines For Making Phone Calls Essay

The Guidelines For Making Phone Calls Essay

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It’s important to know the guidelines for making phone calls. Telephones should only be used for interacting and assisting the customer unless it is a severe emergency. Taking advantage of telephone use can distract you from what you need to get done.It is important to answer the phone in a quick fashion. For instance, some customers might lose their patience, and will end the call if you take too long to assist them. Therefore, it is important to answer the phone as soon as possible. For example, when I called my health insurance company, I was on hold for more than fifteen minutes before I had to end the call, because I didn’t have the time to wait for an answer.Always remember to answer the phone in a professional manner. Before answering the call it is important that you always answer the call with a smile. You also need to make sure your verbal communication is clear and precise. Otherwise, they will have trouble understanding you. Lastly, it is important to disclose your name followed by the name of the company when greeting the customer. Without following those orders the customer won’t know who to contact if the phone call becomes disrupted. It is also important to state the name of the organization because some people might have dialed the incorrect number or extension.
The customer will become offended and upset if you don’t answer the phone in a welcoming professional manner. It is important to always answer the phone with a polite tone of voice so that the customer won’t become even more frustrated with the organizations services. Taking calls unprofessionally can lead to the company losing customers, and can also cause the business to plummet when word of mouth gets around from negative reviews. It is important to...

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...hat might be angry. Try not to let their frustration rub off on you. Always stay composed and professional at all times. Lastly, when sending an email make sure to never make the mistake of sending junk mail. It’s important to go over your drafts and make any revisions necessary before sending emails.

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